Stefan Hering

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Regie, Drehbuch


Stefan worked as bank clerk and graduated university in economy, but decided to take the exit from the business lane and to enter the miraculous world of filmmaking. He studied film production at the renowned HFF Munich and, after graduation, took up post graduate studies in directing at Hamburg Media School. Subsequently, Stefan earned a certificate in screenwriting at UCLA Extension. As a result of this, Stefan works in all three fields – as a writer, director and producer. 

Since working as a scriptwriter, story editor and plotter for the TV show Dahoam is Dahoam (BR, Constantin TV), Stefan (re)wrote the outlines for more than 540 episodes and wrote more than 25 scripts. He recently finished his second feature film, the TV prime time comedy “Leichtmatrosen”, as a director.

2008 – 2010 “Certificate in Screenwriting”, UCLA Extension Program (online-course)
2002 – 2004 postgraduate study Film/Regie, Hamburg Media School
1997 – 2001 study of production and media industry at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
1994 – 1999 study of business administration at the universities of Mannheim and Hagen
1992 – 1994 apprenticeship as bank clerk
1992 Abitur
languages Englich, French, Spanish


Nominations and Awards

* Prädikat „besonders wertvoll“
* Sonderpreis des Filmfests Emden-Norderney: Schreib-Stipendium, 2013
* Berndt Media Award, Kinofest Lünen, 2012


* Lobende Erwähnung, Black Maria Int. FilmFest New Jersey, 2005
* Nominierung Pro7-Nachwuchspreis und Panther Preis, Festival der Filmhochschule München, 2005
* Nominierung Produzentenpreis, Sehnsüchte Potsdam, 2005


* Publikumspreis, International Film Festival Peking, 2004
* 1. Preis, Unimovie Pescara, Italien, 2004


Der Bildermacher
* Medusa Award, Rom, 2004
* Best Work in Fiction, Int. Film Festival Pisek, 2004
* 1. Preis, Capalbio Int. Short Film Festival, 2004
* 1. Preis, „Open Eyes Filmfest“ Marburg, 2003
* Sonderpreis der Jury, Int. Filmfest Brünn, Tschechien, 2003


* 2. Preis, „Junge Sterne“, München, 2001
* Publikumspreis, Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, 2000



Dahoam is Dahoam
5 screenplays
TV movie, 45min, BR
production company: Constantin TV


Beissls Revier
exposé for a criminal series, BR
production company: Lucky Bird


Made in Germany
series concept
production company: Rat Pack


participation in the writersroom, international series
production company: Jump Seat Film

2016 Leichtmatrosen
feature film, TV
Degeto and SWR
production company: Flare Film
2012 Abseitsfalle
feature film, cinema
SWR and arte
production company: Ester Reglin Film
2011 Ten
short film, 17min, festival and 13th Street
production company: Rockador Film
screenplay, direction and production

Goodyear – Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2
TV- and Image-Spot
production company: mecom film & tv GmbH
direction and co-screenplay

Limango – Frauen/Männer sind die wahren Fußballfans
Viral Spot
production company: own production
screenplay and direction


Dahoam is Dahoam: Was bisher geschah II
TV-movie, 45min, BR
production company: Constantin TV
screenplay and direction

1×1 der Wirtschaft: Klassischer Liberalismus
documentary, 15min, BR alpha
production company: Tellux Film GmbH

1×1 des Rechts: Naturrecht und Aufklärung
documentary, 15min, BR alpha
production company: Tellux Film GmbH

2007 Dahoam is Dahoam: Was bisher geschah
TV-movie, 45min, BR
production company: Constantin TV
2005-2008 Anschi & Karl-Heinz
TV-series for children, 25min, BR alpha
production company: Tellux Film GmbH und Eikon Süd GmbH
screenplay and direction
2004 Neuland
short movie, 17min, arte
production company: Hamburg Media School (HMS)
screenplay and direction
2003 Eject
short movie, 10min, festival
production company: Hamburg Media School (HMS)
2002 Der Bildermacher
short movie, 5min, festival
production company: Hamburg Media School (HMS)
2000 Moianacht
short movie, 17min, festival, Sat.1
production company: kaliber35 Filmproduktion
screenplay and direction