Karlotta Ehrenberg

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  Karlotta Ehrenberg was born 1979 in Bonn. She studied dramatics and motion picture sciences, politics and sociology in Berlin and Rome. 2007 she finished her screenwriting training at the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich. Since then she works as a screenwriter for film and television.
Karlotta loves movies of social explosiveness, that deal in a humorous and sensitive way with their heroes – without trivializing their fate.
She lives with her two sons and cohabitee in Berlin.
  Education and studies
2009 – 2010 guest student at the HFF Munich, Abteilung III 
2007 – 2008 training screenwriting at the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich
1999 – 2006 Magistra Artium dramatics and motion picture sciences, politics and sociology, Humboldt University Berlin and Università degli studi La 
Sapienza, Rome
since 2000 diverse seminars directing/screenwriting – amongst others: Mark Travis, Keith Cunningham, Michael Gutmann
  Scholarship and sponsorship (selection)
2015 Exposé-Förderung of VDD und ProSiebenSat.1
2011 Nachwuchsförderung by FFF Bayern 2011
2009 screenplay development by the Filmförderung 
2007 – 2008 scholarship of the Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich
  Language skills

German – mothertongue
English – fluent, in spoken and written
Italian – fluent, in spoken and written
French – good, in spoken and written
Spanish – sufficent, in spoken and written


Life experience


Long-lasting stay abroad in Italy, France and Mexico 
Countless backpacker trips to nearly all countries in Europe, Morocco, Russia, Thailand and the USA.
Political and social engagement for years
Myriad of jobs in differing areas and branches, from night club to hospital


Other work experience


Since 2011 freelance collaborator of the German press agency dpa – newscast for children


awards / nominations / festivals 

Besuch für Emma
* Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen 2016 Award for Dagmar Manzel as Beste Schauspielerin
* Hessischer Filmpreis 2015 Nomination of Dagmar Manzel as Beste Schauspielerin
* Goldene Kamera 2016 Nomination of Dagmar Manzel as Beste Deutsche Schauspielerin
* Deutscher Schauspielerpreis 2016 Nominated by Franz Rogowski in the category “Starker Auftritt”
* Internationales Filmfest Oldenburg 2015

Second life – mein zweites Leben
* nominated for Deutscher Drehbuchpreis 2011
Dietro la porta
* prize of Jury San Giò Festival Verona 2008
* Cineffable – festival International du Film Lesbien & Feministe de Paris 2008 and other
Die Wand 
* best shortfilm Festival del Cinema Carlopoli 2009
* Festival International de Films de Femmes Créteil 2007 and other
* best shortfilm filmfestival Turkey/Germany 2006
* Prädikat wertvoll
* Festival del Cortometraggio Pontassieve 2003 and other




Der Kriminalist – Das böse Kind
ZDF, 60min
production company: H&V Entertainment


Am Ende Dorota
series, under development
production company: Calligari Film 

2017 Der Kriminalist – Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand
ZDF, 60min, in preparation
production company: H&V Entertainment
2015 Besuch für Emma 
tragicomedy, 90min, screenplay
director: Ingo Rasper
production company: Novafilm, Rima Schmidt, ARD Degeto
* first aired: 16.10.2015
2013 Die Akte Pasolini
in parts staged documentary about P. P. Pasolini
52min, screenplay with Andreas Pichler (also director)
production company: Gebrüder Beetz Produktion, ZDF/arte
* first aired: 16.10.2013
2012 Und wieder
tragic comedy, 25min, screenplay and director
* sponsorship FFF Bayern
production company: Effective Entertainment
2007 Dietro la porta
drama,6 min, screenplay and director
* prize of the Jury San Giò Festival Verona 2008

Die Wand
drama, 20min, screenplay & director
* best shortfilm Festival del Cinema Carlopoli 2009


drama, 18min, screenplay and director
co-writer and director: Hakan Savas Mican
* best shortfilm filmfestival Turkey/Germany
* Prädikat wertvoll

2003 Sein
drama, 10min, screenplay and director
Projects in development / unfilmed projects (selection)

tragic comedy, cinema


Treatment for an eightpart drama series
production company: X Filme


Zwei Paar Schuhe
production company: H & V Entertainment


Der Kriminalist 
series exposé
production company: Odeon Berlin 


Emma II (AT)
Exposé, tragic comedy
production company: Novafilm


Gefühlschaoten (AT)
Exposé, romantic comedy
production company: H&V Entertainment


Ein Himmel voller Geigen (AT)
Exposé, drama
production company: Papa Löwe Filmproduktion


Die Sachbearbeiterin (AT)
Exposé, thriller, 90 min
production company: H&V Entertainment

2003 Maja in falschen Umständen (AT)
Exposé, comedy, 90 min
2011 Glänzende Oberflächen (AT)
Exposé, tragic comedy, 90 min
2009 Second life – Mein zweites Leben
screenplay, drama, 90 min
* nominated for Deutscher Drehbuchpreis 2011
* Screenplay sponsored by Kulturelle Filmförderung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
2008 Fremde Hände
Treatment, drama, 90min 
Co-screenplay: Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt 
* Development as part of the European Coproduction Programm EAVE
2007/2008 Twenty-four/seven. Rund um die Uhr
drama, 90 min, screenplay
* Development as part of the Drehbuchwerkstatt München